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 Hey! We're Kimberly and Antony Robinson; Certified luxury travel advisors.
Getaway Travel For You was designed with you in mind. We work hard so you can do the one thing you probably want to do most of: RELAX.

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Getaway Travel for you

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  Verified Guest

“We loved the services by getaway travel for you. Got the deal at discounted price and prompt booking.Great Stay at a Beautiful Resort! First the resort is Big but it is beautiful and grounds are lush and well maintained. The staff is very friendly— all the restaurants were quick good! There is a little store there which was surprisingly pretty well stocked. ”

Jun 2021

Reannon E

  Verified Guest

“My absolute favorite place to get the best deals and reserve the property. Always get the best deals in my email inbox”

Feb 2021


  Verified Guest

“Getaway travel for you is my best partner in sending me the dest deals on the internet. I wonder how they manage to get us the deal at such great discounts

Mar 2021

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